Honey Products
New Zealand

HPNZ is owned by a community of nine southern New Zealand beekeepers who are passionate about honeybees and the pure and unique honeys they produce.
All HPNZ shareholders are based in the sparsely populated south of New Zealand where they harvest their honeys in locations from the green pastures of the fertile coastal plains to the high mountain ranges to unspoilt native New Zealand forests that have been here since the time of the dinosaurs. Some of these forest are in national parks that form part of New Zealand’s extensive conservation estate. HPNZ dedicated beekeepers work closely together in pursuit of ongoing development and perfection of their craft.

traditional techinques

Beekeeping is one of the few agricultural practises left that is still considered a craft, and traditional techniques still form the basis of honey production in New Zealand. Beekeepers must understand their environment, the local microclimate and how the seasons and climate affect flowering and honey production. HPNZ beekeepers are passionate about their product and work closely together to continually develop and perfect their craft.
HPNZ honey is extracted and packed in such a way as to maintain its integrity. Nothing is added or removed from the honey so customers can enjoy all the goodness of the honey how the bees made it.

production facilities
and hygiene standards

All HPNZ processing facilities comply with the Risk Management Programme requirements implemented by the New Zealand Government to ensure safety and quality. HPNZ filter only foreign objects from their honeys so all components including pollen remain. HPNZ does not ultra-filter their honeys.